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It's Time to Rebel Against the Norms

It's Time to be a Money Rebel

Join the Money Rebellion: Break Free from Financial Norms Today!

Are you tired of feeling trapped by financial constraints?

When I talk about rebelling with money, you might be wondering what I am talking about.

No, I'm not going to ask you to do extreme things, bend the rules, or break any laws (we aren't THAT rebellious here). But what I AM talking about is rebelling against the "norms" that we find ourselves in today.

Our culture is one of consumerism, paycheck to paycheck living and relying on credit cards to get it all done.

Check out some of these jaw-dropping stats:

🐷 Did you know that 61% (3 out of every 5) Americans are in debt?

🐷 In fact, 63% say they can't cover a $500 emergency if it happened tomorrow.

🐷 AND, 48% of Americans depend on credit for essential living expenses.

If this is the norm, I want nothing to do with it.

And because you're here, I'm betting you feel the same.

As a financial coach, I help people break these norms each and everyday. You don't have to accept that this is just the way it is. You know you want more and that's what I'm here to help you achieve.

Ready to join the Money Rebellion and take control of your finances?

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Ready to join the Money Rebellion and

TAKE CONTROL of your finances?

Who made it a rule that breaking the cycle must be HARD?

That sounds like a rule that deserves to be broken!

- Money Coach Jen

My Coaching Process

Here's the truth: you're way too talented to be held hostage by financial struggles.

It's time to reclaim your power and show your finances who's boss!


  • No longer living paycheck to paycheck...

  • No longer suffocating under a mountain of bills and debt...

  • No longer constantly stressed about unexpected expenses blindsiding you...

  • Finally getting a good night's sleep, free from tossing and turning all night with worries...

Most people view money as a barrier preventing them from achieving their desires. However, adopting the right money strategy can make those dreams possible. It's about shifting from money calling the shots to you taking the wheel and being in control of your financial destiny.

That's precisely why my approach equips you with everything you need to take charge. Here's what you can expect:

  • Crystal Clear Money Visibility: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your finances. See your money with absolute clarity, enabling you to make informed decisions and take proactive steps toward your financial goals.

  • Effective Planning System: Say goodbye to financial uncertainties and hello to a planning system that keeps you on track. Adopt a personalized planning approach that aligns with your unique circumstances, ensuring you stay on course toward your financial objectives.

  • Uncover your Personal Money Story: Here is where we break the norm and engage in conversations that delve into financial strategies beyond the mainstream approach. While a crystal-clear money vision and effective planning systems are crucial, understanding your unique money story is the key that unlocks your true success.

  • Turning Dreams into Reality: With the right money strategy, you can transform distant dreams into tangible realities. I'll guide you through setting achievable milestones and provide the roadmap to reach them, empowering you to live the life you've always envisioned.

An aligned money strategy is your secret weapon to unlocking financial freedom and achieving your dreams.

Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

Let's work together to make it happen.

I got in and out of debt like it was my job!

Once I rebelled and shifted my mindset, everything became easier.

- Money Coach Jen

Rebel TV

What the hell is a money coach video

Money coaching goes beyond budgeting and getting out of debt. It's about maximizing your money and financial potential, teaching you the skills and mindset to take control of your money and create a life you love.

A money coach is not an investment guru or financial advisor. Their primary goal is to help you align your money with your dreams and take meaningful action in your financial life.

Get to know me and my money philosophy.

Hey there! This video may have a few bloopers, but you know what? Embracing messy action is how things get done! I have to admit, this project turned out to be a bigger undertaking than I initially anticipated. But here's the deal: I want you to get to know me better and, by the end of this video, you'll have a clear sense of my approach to personal finance.

Discover the Missing Link to Your Financial Success

Don't waste another second!

Ignite your life right now!

- Money Coach Jen

My Blog

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Why I Do What I Do

April 28, 20244 min read

Why I Do What I Do

Today, I'm going to share something profoundly personal with you—a clip from my own coaching session, tears and all. 

It's as raw and real as it gets.

Discussing our financial failures is tough; nobody really wants to air out their money mistakes.

And believe me, as a degreed accountant, I thought I knew better. 

But here I am, sharing my story with you.

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A Legacy of Debt

Growing up, it was always "we'll figure it out," as if by magic. 

But behind that magic was my grandmother, secretly filling the gaps. 

I carried that same "we'll figure it out" attitude into adulthood, using shopping as a relief valve and racking up debt along the way. 🛍️💳

The Cycle of Debt: A Personal Confession

The first time my finances spiraled out of control, I turned to a consolidation loan, which seemed like a sensible solution at the time. 

And it was... until it wasn't. 

The relief was temporary, and soon enough, I found myself explaining to my husband why we needed a second consolidation loan.

It wasn’t until the third round, standing on the brink of bankruptcy, that the full weight of the situation hit us.

My husband was bewildered: 

“What in the hell is going on?" 

"You understand money, don't you?” 

The truth was, I understood numbers, but I hadn’t grasped how my shopping for temporary relief kept us drowning in debt.

Turning Point: Breaking Free

With my husband’s support, we took a hard look at our finances and our habits. 

It was then I realized that breaking free from my past money mindset was the only way forward. 

We managed our finances differently, focusing not just on clearing debt but also on understanding what drove us into it in the first place.

Finding Our Path: Beyond Standard Solutions

When we faced our financial reality, the typical "baby steps" offered by most financial advice didn't quite cut it for us. 

We needed something that truly fit our unique situation. 

It took dedication—and a tailored plan—and we worked diligently, celebrated along the way, and cleared our debts.

The Real Relief of Financial Freedom

I used to find relief in shopping sprees, but I soon discovered that having a stable, growing balance in the bank brought a much deeper sense of peace. 

Once we ditched the generic steps and crafted a plan that worked specifically for us, getting out of debt stopped being a constant battle. 

It became a sustainable lifestyle change.

The Difference a Custom Plan Makes

What really made the difference was recognizing that the conventional paths to financial freedom weren't the only ones. 

We needed a plan that acknowledged our individual challenges, habits, and goals. 

And when we found that, everything changed.

Your Money Story Can Change

Here’s what I learned:

  • Uncover Hidden Patterns: Much of our financial behavior is inherited. What patterns might you be repeating without even realizing it?

  • Seek Sustainable Solutions: Temporary fixes won't secure your financial future. It's about changing the game, not just the score.

  • Support Over Solvency: Money isn't just about numbers; it's about support systems and knowing when to ask for help.

👉 Jump Start Your Money Now!

Are you following a financial path that doesn't quite fit? 

Maybe it's time to consider a strategy that's tailored to your own life, needs, and aspirations. 

If you’re ready to find a plan that works for YOU and ditch the one-size-fits-all advice, let’s talk.

👉 Schedule your free personalized financial consultation here

Let’s create a financial plan that feels as good as it works.

Stay fabulously you,

💜- The Rebel Money Coach Jen

If we haven't officially met, Hi! I'm Jennie Eberts. I'm known as the Rebel Money Coach.

Did you know 61% of us are buried in debt, and 63% would struggle with a $500 emergency? And nearly half rely on credit for daily essentials.

If that’s “normal,” I’m out.

Are you ready to join me and flip the script on finances?

Let’s do it together!

P.S. No mother wants to leave a legacy of debt. Do you?

This question isn't just rhetorical—it's a call to action. Think about the kind of financial legacy you want to leave behind. If you're ready to start making changes, I'm here to help. Let's ensure your financial legacy is one of stability and security.

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Jennie Eberts

A Certified Life Coach and CPA Who Will Help You Take Control of Your Financial Future

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